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Credit Risk Management

Stay in control with an accurate and up-to-date data and make all the decisions concerning your business as swiftly as possible
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Corporate Fraud Intelligence

Protect your business against corporate fraud and work with the right customers, suppliers and partners.
Graydon provides quality data that we can rely upon. We know that it’s doubled checked so we have greater confidence and we can make decisions with a lot more ease.
Robert Dorman, Credit Manager, BBC Global News
The intelligence alert sent to us by Graydon enabled us to act swiftly and prevent the delivery of a significant order of timber to a fraudulent company preventing us from incurring bad debt losses.
David Law, Credit Manager, Snow Timber
Graydon provides reports that are easy to comprehend and provide accurate credit limits to enable sound commercial decisions. Our bad debt losses since we have consequently been low.
Paul Bowers, Group Credit Controller, Marriott Hotels